Market Report: April 2, 2012

April 3, 2012

happy easter



We will be closed Sunday 04.08.12 in observation of the Easter Holiday
to allow our employees time with their family.

If we normally call you on Sunday, instead we will be calling you on Saturday 04.07.12 for your order
that will  be delivered Monday 04.09.12.

All orders must be placed before 12:00pm (noon) Saturday to be delivered on Monday.

Orders or changes called in after 12:00pm (noon) Saturday 04.07.12 will be delivered as follows:
Dallas/Ft. worth area – Monday (pm) or Tuesday delivery
Houston area – Wednesday delivery
Oklahoma area – Wednesday delivery
Austin/San Antonio area – Tuesday delivery

Have a very Happy Easter!!!

If you have any questions, please call us at 972-606-0800.


Black Drum…

Black drum have the ability to produce croaking or drumming sounds with the air bladder, which is the reason for the name. They are mostly bottom feeders, with adults eating mostly mollusks and crabs. In shallow water, they have been reported to feed with their heads down so that their tails show above the water surface. They range from 5-30 pounds, though the black drum, which is known as the largest of all the drum family, has been known to exceed 90 pounds. Black drum are moderate in flavor and are not oily. The larger the fish, the coarser the flesh. This fish is delicious cooked in any way.


Notes From Our Buyer

East Coast Soft Shell Crab

They are here!!!  We will be getting them in by FedEx on Thursday.  You will need to place your pre-orders today.  These crabs are beautiful and big!!!

The season is upon us.  We will have some nice swordfish at some great prices this weekend.  Please plan your feature board accordingly.

The halibut is fantastic.  Prices are a little strong, but the fish is nice.

Redfish is really tight.  Our friends at the farm are keeping a close eye on inventory so they do not run out.  A great alternative for this product is black drum!!!

Norwegian Salmon
The U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) has decided to revoke the 20-year-old anti-dumping duties that were placed on whole Norwegian salmon.  We are already seeing some whole Norwegian salmon in the market, but “experts” say that it will not affect us that much.  I don’t know about that my friends.  The U.S. used to be one of Norway’s largest importers of whole salmon, and the demand is there.  Norwegian salmon is the original sushi salmon, and the U.S. was a big part of getting the programs up to where they are today.  I encourage everyone to take a look or keep an open mind on this so we can all enjoy other options and hopefully a better price.

Black Drum
This is a fantastic fish.  Great blackened, fried, baked, grilled, or any way you choose. It is also great on the food cost!!!

Live Crawfish
This is a big weekend for crawfish. Call early for Easter weekend. Crawfish catch looks good for the upcomng week.

We are seeing some tuna from Costa Rica now, but prices have not come down much, if any.

Mahi Mahi
Mahi is coming down a bit.  We will probably see it go up and down until the new season begins in a few months.

Gulf Oysters
We have recently had some questions on oyster gallon counts.  I wanted to try to explain.  The oyster fisherman harvest oysters in boat sacks.  These are 150 to 200 pound sacks right off the boat.  When they process them, they take out the oysters that are the right size for the 100 count sacks and the ones they freeze for half shells.  The rest they shuck into gallons.  The “standard gallons” are what I am referring to.  In the warmer months, the standard gallons are small.  In the colder months, the standard gallons are larger, like now.  We have been seeing very large standard gallons as of late, but this will change very soon with the weather warming up.

Fresh Crabmeat
Domestic crab season is here.  Not too many crabs coming in, but we should see a bunch more in April.  Soft shell crabs from Louisiana should be a great menu item this year.  When they start coming in, I will let you know.

American Red Snapper
The American reds are looking fantastic!!!  We have a good amount for the week and more scheduled to arrive for the weekend!!!

Steelhead is a great feature for your menu.  It is affordable and can be used in a variety of cooking methods.

We’ll have a small shot of marlin for the weekend.

Domestic Catfish
Production has been solid during Lent.  Prices have softened a little, but not much.

Scallop prices are steady right now.  Product looks great and tastes even better.

Whole Salmon
Whole Scottish salmon is coming in pretty regularly, but prices are strong.

Scottish Salmon Fillets
Prices have dropped a little, but not that much.

Striped Bass
Beautiful farm-raised Texas striped bass is a perfect sustainable option for any menu!  The fish is kept below 38 degrees from the time it is harvested from the water to the time it hits your door.

Mongchong, Opah, and Barracuda
Looking for something from Hawaii???  We have a great partner over there that supplies us with fantastic fish from the Hawaiian waters.

We offer 20-30 kg seabass as well as pre-cut fillets.  Get with your sales rep for details.

East Coast Oysters
Frugé has a wide variety of East Coast oysters available.  We send out an availability list each week of what we have to offer.  If you are not yet receiving this list, please get with your sales rep and they will gladly add you to the email list.

Cod, Sole, and Haddock
These East Coast treats are a great change to your feature board!  With the movement of business travelers and transplants from all over, you don’t want to miss out on some great valued fish to add to your menu or feature board.  We only bring in what you want, so get your pre-orders in now.

Live Lobsters
We offer a full range of sizes of live lobsters straight from Maine and Canada.  Order today, and we will get them to you tomorrow.

Green, Golden, and Ruby trout
Trout projections look good on the green trout.  The golden and ruby are much better than before, but could still be a little tight.