Market Report: August 8, 2011

August 9, 2011


Wild Coho Salmon…

Coho Salmon are bright silver with small black spots on their backs and on the upper part of their caudal fin. The average weight is 6-12 pounds. They are a favorite of the bear.


The flesh of the Coho salmon is light pink and has a very delicate flavor. Coho salmon runs are typically seen in Alaska starting in late July and ending in the end of October. This fish is high in protein so it makes for a healthy choice for your patrons. Salmon is one of the safest fish for consumption on the market, combining great nutrition and taste with a high degree of food safety.


Notes From Our Buyer

Due to storms in the Gulf of Mexico last week, a lot of boats came in early to avoid the high waves and winds.  Now, the majority are back out leaving us with low volumes of fish for the weekend.  Availability is tight, and prices are up.

Wild Alaskan Coho

Coho salmon will be the fish to get this week.  The Coho run has started and should last for a month and a half, give or take.  The Coho salmon are beautiful fish with a wonderful flavor.


Closed areas 1 and 2 are open and producing now.  Dry scallop prices are dropping and wet prices will fall as soon as they get some processed.

Yellowfin Tuna

Tuna is tight right now for the same reason mentioned above.  Prices are up, and availability is tight.  Hopefully next week will be better.

Striped Bass

Beautiful farm-raised Texas striped bass if a perfect sustainable option for any menu!  The fish is kept below 38 degrees from the time it is harvested from the water to the time it hits your door.

Mongchong, Opah, and Barracuda

Looking for something from Hawaii???  We have a great partner over there that supplies us with fantastic fish from the Hawaiian waters.   

Domestic Crabmeat

This is the time to get your crab on!!!  Catches are high, and prices are great.  We also carry live blue crabs.  Let us know what you need by Tuesday and we can have it to you on Thursday!

Gulf Oysters

As soon as we see some rain in the Gulf, it will probably be closed.  The reason for the closing is that the influx of fresh water disturbs the salinity content in the Gulf.  When this happens, the state will close the Gulf and will conduct testing to make sure the oysters are safe.  This will result in shortages in oysters.  We have plenty of frozen pillow packs in stock to take care of our loyal customers.

Domestic Catfish

Catfish continues to be tight.  The drought is not helping things at all.  The sizes that are the most plentiful are 3-5 and 5-7.


We are seeing more seabass in the market, which is causing the price to come down a bit, but not enough to really notice.  Hopefully with the lack of sales because of the high prices, the price will drop significantly soon.  We will just have to wait and see.

East Coast Oysters

Frugé has a wide variety of East Coast oysters available.  We send out an availability list each week of what we have to offer.  If you are not yet receiving this list, please get with your sales person and they will gladly add you to the email list.


Halibut is very tight right now, and prices are high.  We will have some beautiful fish for the weekend.

Cod, Sole, and Haddock

These East Coast treats are a great change to your feature board!  With the movement of business travelers and transplants from all over, you don’t want to miss out of some great valued fish to add to your menu or feature board.  We only bring in what you want, so get your pre-orders in now.

Soft Shell Crabs

We may have a shot at some soft shells for the weekend, but we will not know until later in the week.  Hot temperatures cause the crabs to be soft, and they will not survive the flight.

Live Lobsters

We offer a full range of sizes of live lobsters straight from Maine and Canada.  Order today and we will get them to you tomorrow.


Steelhead is back and looking good!


Prices are back up.  Fish is tighter and the prices reflect it.

Green, Golden and Ruby trout

We carry all three varieties of trout year round.  The 8oz trout that is the most popular is very tight right now.  The farms are cutting production so their fish can grow out.  The golden and ruby trout are a great substitute for the green.

Mahi Mahi

We are going to have a great season, at least that is what I am hearing.  The problem now is the season is not here yet.  Ecuador has shut down fishing mahi due to the terrible season they had last year.  They can catch it as a by catch, but not as a main target.

Atlantic Salmon

Prices have stabilized for the past few weeks.  Hopefully we will continue to see these lower prices through the wild salmon season.


No amberjack this week!


Grouper prices have risen due to the issues mentioned at the beginning of the report.


Fresh and frozen tilapia have both seen price increases.  The increase on the fresh is due to higher feed and fuel costs.  The frozen is a combination of higher costs and flooding in Indonesia and China, where the majority of frozen tilapia is produced.

Lane Snapper

Lane snapper is a versatile fish for your menu.  Great blackened or oven baked, it is also good grilled, fried, or pan broiled.  Prices are still high, but the fish is beautiful.


Our redfish is farm-raised right here in Texas and is another great sustainable option of the menu.  Everyone knows its name, and it is very easy to sell.  It cooks up great any way!

Black Drum

Black drum is a lesser desired fish to some, but the look and flavor of this fish is outstanding.


Branzini is also known as Branzino or European sea bass.  It is best served braised whole and makes an awesome presentation on the plate.

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