Market Report: December 31, 2012

January 2, 2013


Fruge Seafood's dry scallops___

Dry Scallops

Dry scallops are all wild and natural. They are not treated with any chemicals whatsoever.  They are harvested directly from the ocean, shucked on deck, then immediately frozen on the boat to capture their quality.  Dry scallops caramelize naturally during cooking to a golden brown color that is very attractive when serving.  And, as you might have guessed, there is no cost-added water weight with dry scallops.  Dry scallops generally have a natural vanilla color. They are briny and mild in flavor, with a texturethat is firm and lean.




Notes from our buyer


The tuna came as quickly as it left.  Availability is down and prices are back up.


Mahi Mahi

Prices are still looking good and quality is excellent.  We are seeing a little better production from Costa Rica.  I hope this is the beginning of a good run.


Stone Crab Claws

Octopus are eating the crabs in the cages.  There is very poor production now.  I understand it is frustrating not to have this great product, but the boats, who make their living on this item, are suffering much more.


Gulf Oysters

Oysters are looking great and are abundant.  It’s time to run some happy hour specials.


Salmon fillets

We’ve got Chilean 3-5, Bay of Fundy, and North Sea fillets.


East Coast Oysters

We have some nice Lucky Lime, Pickle Point, Raspberry Point, and Plymouth Rock oysters, all from the east coast.  We also have an East Coast oyster list; get with your sales rep if you’d like to get that list via email.



The swordfish is hit and miss.  Now we are seeing smaller fish and strong prices.



We will have some nice red grouper 10-20 all week.


We couldn’t get any whole salmon from Scotland, but we’ll have beautiful fillets for the weekend.


Striped Bass

Our farmed striped bass is from right here in Texas.  It is harvested, transported, prepared, and shipped under controlled temps.  This increases the quality and shelf life for you.



Fresh halibut is pretty much done for the season.  We are looking into a refreshed program.  Please get with your sales rep if you are interested.



Production is rolling.  This is a great fish with a great story.  Tell the story and sell some fish.


Black Drum

We will have some nice drum for the week.  This fish is very affordable and great in any application.

Fresh Crabmeat

Domestic crabmeat will be hit or miss for now until next year.  We are moving to our non-domestic fresh crabmeat.  Get with your sales rep for info and pricing.

Lane Snapper

We’ll have some 2-4 lanes for the weekend!


Domestic Catfish

Prices are holding steady for now.  Quality is great.


Prices will be going up a bit due to lower catches.  Pricing should be this way through the new year.


Mongchong, Opah, and Barracuda

Looking for something from Hawaii???  We have a great partner over there that supplies us with fantastic fish from the Hawaiian waters.



We have a variety of seabass options.  We have H&G sized 20-30 kg, fillets cut from that size, as well as 8 oz pre-cut portions.  Get with your sales rep for details.


Cod, Sole, and Haddock

These East Coast treats are a great change to your feature board!  With the movement of business travelers and transplants from all over, you don’t want to miss out on some great valued fish to add to your menu or feature board.  We only bring in what you want, so get your pre-orders in now.


Live Lobsters

We offer a full range of sizes of live lobsters straight from Maine and Canada.  Order today, and we will get them to you tomorrow.


Rainbow ‘Green’, Golden, and Ruby trout

Green trout is what the guys on the farm call the regular rainbow trout.  Since they have ruby and golden as well, it is just a term they use to distinguish between the three.  Our ‘green’ trout is what every sales person calls rainbow trout.  Red and golden continue to be very tight.  The end is not in sight yet.