Market Report: January 19, 2015

January 20, 2015


It’s been said that a lifetime of battling amberjack will lengthen your arms by several inches, so don’t chase these fish unless you’re in pretty good physical condition and can handle a fairly long boat ride. They enjoy the fight. Found from nearshore waters all the way out to depths of 300 feet or more, amberjack prefer reefs, wrecks and platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. Commonly caught at 20-50 lbs., but can reach 170 lbs. the amberjack is often confused with several other species.

Amberjacks are very good to eat with a firm texture to it’s meat. They are especially good when grilled or broiled, just make sure not to overcook.



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Notes from our buyer

FRUGE SEAFOODS is proud to announce it will now be the exclusive distributor of PureFish sustainable seafood products for Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. We will now be offering their full line of sustainable and Organic seafood items with direct shipment from Europe to ensure top quality and freshness for our customers.

Wild Isles Organic Salmon – this E.U Certified Organic salmon is unlike any other farm raised salmon where it is raised in the open ocean of the Shetland Islands, and not in a Loch or Bay like other farms raised salmons. Its certified sustainable aquaculture methods are free from all antibiotics, hormones, & GMO, and its feed is certified organic and uses no synthetic coloring or pigments added. This allows for the quality, taste, and texture of a Wild King salmon to be available year round. You and your customers will taste and see the difference.

Wild Isles Ocean Trout – All Natural Ocean Trout (Steelhead) begins its life in fresh water land based closed containment recirculation tanks, once these rainbow trout reach maturity, they are then transferred to wild water off the island of Skye in Scotland where the continue their grow-out in salt water until they reach a harvest size of 7-12 lbs each. The result is an amazing sashimi quality ocean trout with a higher fat content then salmon and a great flavor that lends itself to any type of cooking or smoking. This sustainably raised ocean trout is a more sustainable and lower costing than a similar Tasmanian Ocean Trout.

Anglesey Aquaculture Mediterranean Sea Bass (Bronzino) – Unlike any other Mediterranean sea bass, this is truly sustainable.  Welsh sea bass is raised in a ZERO WASTE land based recirculation farm in Wales, UK. From egg to harvest every detail of its life cycle is cared for and highly monitored to produce the best tasting sea bass using no antibiotics, hormones, and feed free from all GMO’s. Sustainable aquaculture and a zero waste policy (all waste from farms is collected and sold as organic fertilizer to local Welsh farmers) ensures that this sea bass is truly the world’s most sustainable bronzino. You and your customers will truly take the difference and have a boutique product that is only available in 3 cities in North America.



Mahi is still strong this week out of Ecuador and Costa Rica. Prices are looking decent for this week


Nice day boat amberjack are available this week, get it while it lasts.


Very nice sheepshead are coming in from Hackberry, Louisiana. Don’t let the name fool you, this is a great by catch that is versatile and priced right

Bell Farms Steelhead Trout
We have Bell Farms Steelhead Trout in 10lbs increments. Fillet sizes are 7-9oz skin on boneless fillets. Bell Farms Trout has been designated Best Choice by the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch® Program

Clams & Mussels

East Coast shellfish are back to normal after the New Year. Make sure to pre-order product with your Fruge Seafood sales rep


CodSole, and Haddock
These East Coast treats are a great change to your feature board! With the movement of business travelers and transplants from all over, you don’t want to miss out on some great valued fish to add to your menu or feature board. We only bring in what you want, so get your pre-orders in now



Nice East coast flounder coming in this week. 1-2 and 2-4lb fish are arriving now


East Coast Oysters
Winter is finally setting in and starting to affect availability. But we do have a lot of good options out of Massachusetts. Our favorites right now are Onset, Mayflower, Thatch and Standish Shore (of course!).


Redfish & Striped Bass
No changes here, the trend continues with jumbo sized redfish (2.5-3lb) being extremely tight right now, Extra Jumbo (3lb and Up) are in decent supply. Striped Bass is a better option this time of year.

Chilean salmon has been tight this week. Take advantage of the lower prices before we get into the Lenten season. We also stock North Sea and Canadian product in whole and fillet form. Check with your sales rep for case discounts if you are a volume user

Gulf Oysters

Gulf sack prices are on the rise, supplies are steady but not abundant, we are seeing a good supply of gallons with most of our oyster coming out of Texas. Select gallons are a great product for oyster stuffing. Prices are down.


Very nice 4-10lb American Red Snapper this week out of Venice, Louisiana. We are also getting very nice Lanes this week. Call your sales rep for all information


Scallop prices are slightly up as is normal this time of year. We are exploring every option to get the best price and best quality product. Please give us feedback on the new beautiful product we are buying straight from the boats


Tuna is decent this week after a rough few weeks. Prices and availability look to stay stable as we get through the week


Sword is still in short supply, prices are still on the rise this week. Expect shortages in the coming weeks


The grouper supply is decent this week and prices are a little better this week. Let your sales rep know if you are interested in this product. The grouper supply will continue to be tight as the boats are fishing for octopus

Black Drum

Drum is back this week as the mild temps and light winds have these day boats running all week.

Fresh Crabmeat

Domestic Crabmeat prices are up, and availability is very poor. This time of year is very difficult for all crab sources


We have a variety of seabass options.  We continue to carry H&G 20-30 kg as well as a smaller 10-20 kg if that is more of what you’re looking for. Prices are moving up and that trend will continue through the holidays.


Rainbow ‘Green’ and Ruby Trout
The trout supply seems to be stable. The variety of the cuts and sizes of this fish never cease to amaze me. There are many options to meet your menu specifications.