Market Report: July 11, 2011

July 19, 2011


PEI Mussels

Mussels, cultured in the cool water surrounding Prince Edward Island, are rapidlybecoming one of North America’s most popular seafoods. Although wild mussels, which grow abundantly along shorelines, have long been regarded as trash seafood, people are now becoming aware that cultured mussels are very different. Cultured mussels are grown in mesh stockings that are suspended from longlines (ropes) in the water. Because they never touch the ocean bottom, and the ideal conditions promote rapid growth, cultured mussels taste sweeter, are more tender, plumper, free of grit, and have a higher meat yield than their wild counterpart. As well as being tasty, mussels are nutritious. They are particularly rich in protein and minerals while being low in fat and cholestrol. 3.5 oz (100 g) of mussel meats contain 95 calories, 14.4 g protein, 2.2 g fat, 88 mg. calcium, 3.4 mg. iron and 289 mg sodium.


Notes From Our Buyer

East Coast Oysters

Fruge has a wide variety of East Coast oysters available.  We send out an availability list each week on what we have to offer.  If you are not on the list, please get with your sales rep, and they will gladly add you to that list.

Domestic Crabmeat

This is the time to get your crab on!!!  Supply is still strong, and prices are decent.  Take advantage of the warm summer months now.  We also carry live blue crabs.  Tell us by Tuesday, and we can have it to you on Thursday!!!

Domestic Catfish

We are still in the middle of a catfish shortage.  Farmers are struggling to keep up with current production, and most are not taking on any new business.  This, along with higher feed and fuel costs, has caused the spike in domestic catfish prices you have seen in the past several months.  Mid-2012 may be the earliest we see any relief in pricing and availability.

Sea Bass

Sea bass has been at an all-time high for several months.  This has caused several restaurants to take it off the menu.  Because of this, I am hearing that the suppliers are getting in more fish than they can sell at these high prices.  I don’t think they will go down to where they were quickly, but this is good news for customers who love sea bass.  Please contact your sales rep on pricing and options.


We offer several options on scallops: Fresh U/10 dry and wet, 10-20 dry and wet, and U8 drys.  We carry a variety of frozen scallops as well.  Scallops are harvested from different areas all year long.  We are currently receiving Channel scallops between Nantucket Lightship & Closed Area 1.

Copper River Sockeye

We will have a good shot of Copper River sockeyes for the weekend.  Be sure to get some before the season ends.

Alaskan Halibut

We have some beautiful Alaskan halibut in the building for you.  Don’t forget about this wonderful fish.  Customers love halibut, and with so much wild salmon in the market, you may be the only one on the block to offer it.  Keep it going while the catches are good.

Cod, Sole and Haddock

These East Coast treats are a great change to your feature board!  With the movement of business travelers and transplants from all over, you don’t want to miss out on some great valued fish to add to your menu or feature board.  We only bring in what you want, so get your pre-orders in now.

Soft Shell Crabs

The hotter temperatures are causing the crab harvests to be down, but are still seeing weekly deliveries.  Whales and Jumbos are the most common sizes we carry, but please get with your sales rep with all of your needs.

Live Lobsters

We offer a full range of sizes of live lobsters straight from Maine and Canada.  Order today and we will get them to you tomorrow.


This fish is a great alternative to salmon.  The name catches attention and the prices are great.  The flesh is a beautiful red and cooks up any way you would cook salmon.

Golden and Ruby trout

These two variations of the traditional ‘green’ trout are perfect to spice up your feature board.  The Ruby trout is fed the same feed as the green trout with the addition of Beta Carotene.  This gives the trout fillet a pretty red color.  The Golden trout is a naturally occurring mutation that causes the skin to turn a golden color.  They are also fed the same feed as the Ruby trout with the same outcome.  Several years ago, the fisherman noticed that some fish had a golden color to its skin.  One farm was successful in breeding these Golden trout, and that is why it is offered today.  There is also a ‘blue’ trout that is seen one in every million green trout.  To date, no one has been able to successfully breed these fish.

Mahi Mahi

Still no change, mahi is still tight on the large 15 pound and up fish we order.  Relief will not come until the season opens again in October.  This is also affecting the frozen market as well.  Because of the high prices on fresh Mahi, the frozen supplies are all but depleted.  You may want to be prepared to take what size is available until more is available next season.

Atlantic Salmon

Prices are falling a bit in this market.  The wild salmon season coupled with more production in Chile causes more fish to be in the market.  In turn, this causes prices to fall.  However, Chile is opening its market to Europe and Asia.  With our weak dollar as it is, we can expect these two players to buy more salmon than in years past.


Plenty of swordfish in the market but prices are high.


We have some AJ in the building; make sure to get some before we’re out!

Gulf Oysters

The hot summer temperatures cause the oysters to dry up a little.  We are also experiencing a terrible drought which causes the salinity content of the Galveston Bay to rise quite a bit.  As we move more into summer, we could see a significant drop in production.  We are stocked up on frozen pillow packs shucked oysters just in case.

Grouper is readily available almost every week.  This unique fish if perfect for sandwiches at the bar or blackened with a rich top for the main dining area.  Grouper has a distinctive smell and flavor and is a favorite for anyone who has ever tried this unique fish.


Fresh and frozen tilapia have both seen price increases.  The increase on the fresh is due to higher feed and fuel costs.  The frozen is a combination of higher costs and flooding in Indonesia and China, where the majority of frozen tilapia is produced.
Striped Bass

Beautiful far- raised Texas striped bass if a perfect sustainable option for any menu!  The fish is kept below 38 degrees from the time it is harvested from the water to the time it hits your door.

Lane Snapper

We will have some lane snapper for the weekend!


Our redfish is farm-raised right here in Texas and is another great sustainable option of the menu.  Everyone knows its name, and it is very easy to sell.  It cooks up great any way!

Black Drum

The look and flavor of this fish is outstanding.  We get our Drum from Louisiana fresh off the boats.


Branzini is also known as Branzino or European sea bass.  It is best served braised whole and makes an awesome presentation on the plate.

We offer beautiful yellow fin tuna from different parts of the world.  Prices are strong this week, but quality is outstanding.