Market Report: July 15, 2019

August 7, 2019

East Coast Oysters…

Tear drop in shape, East Coast Oysters have a smooth shell and post a saltier flavor than their West Coast counterparts. Being filter feeders, the oyster takes on the flavor of their surroundings. If an outer is closer to the ocean, it will be saltier. If grown near a river, it will be milder with a sweet flavor. The variety is endless. Find your favorite!


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Notes from our buyer

The Alaskan halibut availability is looking good.  We have fish arriving this week. Call your sales rep for pricing and availability. 

Mahi availability is still limited and prices are high. Call your sales rep for pricing and availability.

American Red Snapper-
Catch volumes are looking good this week. Fish ranging in size from 1-2, 2-4, and 4-8 are available. Call your sales rep for pricing and availability.

Fresh Crabmeat
Fresh Domestic Crab availability is improving. Non-Domestic availability is improving, but prices are up. Call your sales rep today for more information.

Clams & Mussels
Availability on littleneck clams and Mussels is looking great this week! Call your sales rep for pricing and availability.

Icelandic Cod
Availability is looking good, with pricing holding steady.  Call your sales rep for pricing and availability.

Artic Char
Arctic Char is a unique strain of saltwater char sustainably farm-raised in Iceland. Often compared to salmon and trout, Arctic Char has a distinct, sweet buttery flavor and firm pink flesh that sets it apart from other fish on the market. We get this in twice a week; ask your sales rep for more info.

East Coast Oysters
We have a great selection of oysters this week. Make sure you are on our East Coast oyster list that we send out every week. We have access to several varieties each week. Sassy Malpeques are a great oyster from PEI. They are farmed by hand to ensure consistent meat yield and have a distinct sweet brine balanced against a salty snap. Call you sales rep to pre-order today!

Gulf Oysters
Due Tropical Storm Barry, the Louisiana Gulf is temporarily closed for oyster harvesting. Private Leases in Galveston Bay are open.  We currently don’t foresee any issues with fresh oyster sacks and shucked gallons.  Gold Band oysters will be limited this week, as they await for the Louisiana Gulf to open back up.

Redfish & Striped Bass
Extra Jumbo Redfish (3lb and up) have decent availability right now.  The fish are coming in around 3 to 3.5 lbs.  The smaller size is due to warm weather, and fish not eating as much due to the summer heat. Jumbo Redfish (2.5-3 lb.) availability is available right now. Striped Bass availability is somewhat limited due to sizing as well. Please call your sales rep for pricing and availability.

Farmed Salmon
Chile Salmon prices are coming down and starting to stabilize. Canadian Salmon and North Sea Salmon prices are holding steady.

Wild Salmon
We will be getting our last shipment of Wild Copper River Sockeye salmon this weekend. Cook Inlet, and other Bays are still available.   Call your sales rep for more info on pricing and availability.

Wild Isles Natural Salmon
This salmon is naturally raised; Antibiotic Free, Chemical Free, Preservative Free, and Hormone Free. The feed is comprised of all natural and sustainable resources. And unlike other farm raised salmon Wild Isle Salmon is raised in the open ocean of the Shetland Islands, and not in a Loch or Bay like other farms raised salmons. 

U10 Dry Scallop prices have gone up a little this week. We expect decent supplies for the coming weeks. 

Tuna availability and pricing is looking good this week. We are looking to have a good amount of 2+ and #1 fish for the weekend. 

Black Drum
Catch out of Hackberry, LA is very limited due to Tropical Storm Barry.  Many of the boats and docks are in repair from the storm.  However, the fisherman are ready to get back out.  Please keep in touch with your sales rep for the latest on pricing and availability.

We currently carry H&G 10-20 KG & 20-30 KG Chilean Seabass. Seabass prices are holding steady.

Swordfish availability is limited with  prices on the rise. We have new shipments flying in just in time for the weekend. Call your sales rep for pricing an availability. 

Rainbow ‘Green’ and Ruby Trout
The shortage of Rainbow trout has not improved. The farms are experiencing slow growth, which is causing farms to run short.  The Ruby trout farms are not having this issue. Ruby Trout is a wonderful substitute during this time. Get with your sales rep for pricing and availability.

Skye Ocean Trout
The All Natural Ocean Trout (Steelhead) is an amazing sashimi quality ocean trout with a higher fat content then salmon and a great flavor that lends itself to any type of cooking or smoking.