Market Report: June 17, 2013

June 18, 2013


Amberjack from the Gulf of Mexico

It’s been said that a lifetime of battling amberjack will lengthen your arms by several inches, so don’t chase these fish unless you’re in pretty good physical condition and can handle a fairly long boat ride. They enjoy the fight. Found from nearshore waters all the way out to depths of 300 feet or more, amberjack prefer reefs, wrecks, and platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. Commonly caught at 20-50 pounds, but sometimes reaching 170 pounds, the amberjack is often confused with several other species. Amberjack is preferable to most diners with a firm texture to its meat. It is especially good when grilled or broiled, just make sure not to overcook.


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Orders must be placed by 4:00 PM for next day morning delivery.
All orders placed after 4:00 PM will be delivered the next business afternoon.
If you have any questions please give us a call at 877-215-4872.


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Notes from our buyer

Live Crawfish

Crawfish season is winding down as we approach the end of June. Moving forward we are officially on a week to week basis for all deliveries.


Wild Salmon

Copper River sockeyes are back and running.  We are also seeing some sockeyes from different areas as well.  Copper River kings and other wild kings are available too.

The halibut looks fantastic – size 20-40 directly from Alaska.

Soft shell crabs
This week should be much better for soft shell crabs.  The hard molt is over.

Global demand coupled with lower production has salmon prices rising, especially in Chile.  Several farms have overharvested to avoid the ISA and other issues.  This has left these farms with little to no product.  Several large frozen programs continue to scoop up a large amount of salmon as well.  We are hoping to see more production in the next two months, but we will have to wait and see.


Gulf Oysters

Summer is here and oysters will continue to be tight.  Public seasons are closed, forcing our vendors to turn to their private leases.  This means that there are fewer areas to fish from and a more limited supply to sort through.  We will continue to support our loyal customers, as always, through this challenging time.


American Red Snapper

Things have tightened up quite a bit in Mexico.  We will have some for the weekend.



Looks like U/10 dry scallops are going to be tight for the next two years.  The real value is in the U/12’s.



Our tuna is great. Prices are very nice right now.  Get it while it lasts.


Mahi Mahi

Mahi has been tight this week.  Prices are stable.


East Coast Oysters

All the rain in the north east has caused the Blue Point production to stop.   Once the water levels get back to normal, production will be back.



Grouper is really coming in now.  Prices are nice.


Our farmed striped bass is from right here in Texas.  It is harvested, transported, prepared, and shipped under controlled temps.  This increases the quality and shelf life for you.


This is a fantastic fish for any application and is consistently the freshest fish we have.


Black Drum

Prices are steady now.  Product is fantastic.

We are seeing some domestic meat now.  Get your pre-orders in, and we will do our best to fill them.


Lane Snapper

Lanes are here and are beautiful.

Domestic Catfish

Prices are steady but quality is great!!!  Farmed right here in Texas.


Mongchong, Opah, and Barracuda

Looking for something from Hawaii???  We have a great partner over there that supplies us with fantastic fish from the Hawaiian waters.



We have a variety of seabass options.  We have H&G sized 20-30 kg as well as fillets cut from that size.  Get with your sales rep for details.


Live Lobsters

We offer a full range of sizes of live lobsters straight from Maine and Canada.  Order today, and we will get them to you tomorrow.


Rainbow ‘Green’, Golden, and Ruby trout

We are expecting a price increase on the golden, ruby, whole, and tail on trout in the next 30 days.  Transportation costs have risen.