Market Report: October 15, 2012

October 16, 2012

Rockfish fillet



Pacific rockfish fillets

Pacific rockfish are the most commmon near-shore fish on North America’s west coast. There are more than 70 species of rockfish that live off the west coast. There are taste differences in the different varieties of rockfish, but all are firm and lean with a mild sweet flavor. The main difference between varieties are in its texture. Rockfish is so commonly sold in restaurants because of it’s nice flakiness, mild flavor, and versatility.  It is delicious as a ceviche, as fish and chips, and our favorite…fish tacos. This fish is a great addition to any menu.


Thank you to everyone who attended the School of Fish II: Class of 2012.

Mike Fruge at the School of Fish

It was a great success, and we look forward to seeing you at our next event!
If you have any follow up questions about any of the products presented, get with your Frugé sales representative for more information.


Notes from our buyer

We are seeing more tuna in the market, finally!  This is helping with the price and quality.
Stone Crab Claws
The season is here.  Get with your sales rep on sizes, quantities, and prices so you can add this to your special board while they last.

Gulf Oysters
Oysters are looking great and are abundant.  It’s time to run some happy hour specials.

Salmon fillets

We offer Bay of Fundy, North Sea, and Chilean salmon fillets.  All are beautiful, so take your pick.


East Coast Oysters
We are getting in some great new oysters such as Lucky Lime oysters and Plymouth Rock oysters.  Please get with your sales person for details and pre-orders.

We will be receiving some nice swordfish directly from Costa Rica this week.

Grouper is available and great for features.


We will be receiving North Sea whole salmon – Norwegian, Scottish, and Faroe Island – for the weekend.
Striped Bass

Our farmed striped bass is from right here in Texas.  It is harvested, transported, prepared, and shipped under controlled temps.  This increases the quality and shelf life for you.

We have some beautiful halibut in.  Keep it on the special board; it won’t be around forever.

Production has slowed down again.  Looking like only extra-jumbo redfish for a while with tight supply.
Black Drum

We will have some nice drum for the week.  This fish is very affordable and great in any application.
Mahi Mahi

We are seeing a little more mahi in the market.  I hope this marks the beginning of the new season.  Prices are not great but are much better than the past few months.
Fresh domestic crab meat is tightening up a little.  As the summer ends, it becomes more difficult to get what we want.
Steelhead will be in for the weekend.
Domestic Catfish

Prices are nice and production is good on 5-7 sizes and up.

Pricing is steady and quality is great.
Mongchong, Opah, and Barracuda
Looking for something from Hawaii???  We have a great partner over there that supplies us with fantastic fish from the Hawaiian waters.

We offer 20-30 kg seabass as well as pre-cut fillets.  Get with your sales rep for details.
Cod, Sole, and Haddock

These East Coast treats are a great change to your feature board!  With the movement of business travelers and transplants from all over, you don’t want to miss out on some great valued fish to add to your menu or feature board.  We only bring in what you want, so get your pre-orders in now.
Live Lobsters

We offer a full range of sizes of live lobsters straight from Maine and Canada.  Order today, and we will get them to you tomorrow.
Rainbow ‘Green’, Golden, and Ruby trout

Green trout is what the guys on the farm call the regular rainbow trout.  Since they have ruby and golden as well, it is just a term they use to distinguish between the three.  Our ‘green’ trout is what every sales person calls rainbow trout.  Red and golden continue to be very tight.  The end is not in sight yet.