Market Report: September 10, 2018

September 11, 2018

–Albacore Tuna, also known as a longfin tuna can be found in temperate and tropical waters across the globe. They are unique among tuna in that their primary food source is cephalopods, not fish. Fresh Albacore has a mild to medium flavor profile with firm flesh and large flakes. Like other tunas, it has a “steak-like” texture, but less firm than Yellowfin or Bigeye Tuna. It does however have a higher fat content which gives it a richness of taste. Albacore Tuna is also called Tombo Tuna. White Tuna, including solid white albacore tuna and chunk white, refers only to the albacore tuna variety. Albacore tuna is a larger fish with a lighter colored flesh, a firmer texture, and a milder flavor than the solid or chunk light fish varieties.



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Notes from our buyer


Availability from East Coast and Canada is looking good with great pricing. Alaskan halibut is not having many landings right now due to fisherman concentrating on Wild Salmon. Call your sales rep for pricing and availability.



Availability is much better this week.  Prices are down. We have a good amount arriving just in time for the weekend. Call your sales rep for pricing and availability.


American Red Snapper
Catch volumes have not been affected from the recent storms as of yet. Fish ranging in size from 1-2, 2-4, and 4-8 are available. Call your sales rep for pricing and availability.


Fresh Crabmeat
is back in full swing. Jumbo, Lump, Claw Meat, Fingers are all readily available.  Fresh Non-Domestic Crab pricing is up. Fresh crab is great alternative to the increase pricing on pasteurized crab.  Call your sales rep today for more information.


Clams & Mussels

Availability on littleneck clams and Mussels is looking great!  We have shipments arriving twice a week.


Icelandic Cod 

Availability is still limited due to Iceland’s holiday. This has caused prices to increase as well.  Call your sales rep for pricing and availability.


Artic Char

Arctic Char is a unique strain of saltwater char sustainably farm-raised in Iceland. Often compared to salmon and trout, Arctic Char has a distinct, sweet buttery flavor and firm pink flesh that sets it apart from other fish on the market. We get this in twice a week; ask your sales rep for more info.


East Coast Oysters

Recent Hurricanes will affect availability early next week.  We will continue to monitor the situation. We have a great selection of oysters this week. Make sure you are on our East Coast oyster list that we send out every week. We have access to several varieties each week.


Gulf Oysters

Availability on sacks and gallons is looking good.  All public leases are closed in Texas and Louisiana. The only areas available to harvest are Private Leases in both, Texas and Louisiana. Some private leases in Texas are still trying to recover from the damage of the past hurricanes.


Still waiting for Murder Points to come back in season. The recent tropical storm didn’t help either.  We continue to get weekly updates and will let you know once they are available.
Murder Point Oysters are out of Porterville Bay in Alabama near what was once called Myrtle Point. Oysters are limited right now due to all the fresh water run-off from all the storms in the past few weeks. We hope to have more next week.

Redfish & Striped Bass
Extra Jumbo Redfish (3lb and up) have a good availability right now. Jumbo Redfish(2.5-3 lb.) availability is starting to not be as plentiful. Striped Bass is a great option this time of year as well.

Farmed Salmon
Chile Salmon prices are starting to maintain. We have seen a slight increase in North Sea Salmon. Canadian Salmon prices have been holding steady.


Current fish is being caught in Cook Inlet. We will have Coho salmon available for the weekend. Call your sales rep for pricing and daily availability.

Wild Isles Organic Salmon 

This salmon is naturally raised; Antibiotic Free, Chemical Free, Preservative Free, and Hormone Free. The feed is comprised of all natural and sustainable resources. And unlike other farm raised salmon Wild Isle Natural Salmon is raised in the open ocean of the Shetland Islands, and not in a Loch or Bay like other farms raised salmons.


U10 Dry Scallop prices are are starting to come down. We expect decent supplies for the coming weeks.


Tuna availability is improving with prices still up. We will have a good amount of 2+ and #1 fish for the weekend.


Black Drum
The catch of Black Drum out of Hackberry, LA, is looking good.  We we plan to have new shipments arriving later this week. Call your sales rep for pricing and availability.


We currently carry H&G 10-20 KG & 20-30 KG  Chilean Seabass. Seabass prices are holding steady.


Availability has improved, and pricing is looking better. Call your sales rep for pricing an availability.


Rainbow ‘Green’ and Ruby Trout

The shortage of Rainbow trout has not improved. The farms are experiencing slow growth, which is causing farms to run short.  The Ruby trout farms are not having this issue. Ruby Trout is a wonderful substitute during this time. Get with your sales rep for pricing and availability.


Skye Ocean Trout

The All Natural Ocean Trout (Steelhead) is an amazing sashimi quality ocean trout with a higher fat content then salmon and a great flavor that lends itself to any type of cooking or smoking.