Market Report: September 23, 2013

September 26, 2013




A member of the sea bass family, barramundi is a relatively newcomer to the US. Raw, it’s flesh is pearly pink, but cooks up white. It has a firm moist texture with large flakes. Sweet and buttery in flavor, the smaller the fish the milder the flavor. As a very hardy fish, the barramundi can grow to market size of 1.5 to 2 pounds in less than a year.Farming of this species started in Thailand in the 1970s and spread throughout Southeast Asia, in small, coastal cage operations. Definitely a must for all menus.






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Notes from our buyer

Wild Salmon

We will have Coho this week.  This is a seasonal product, so make sure you are maximizing this fantastic product on your menus while it is available. Please let your Frugé Seafood sales representative know your needs.


East Coast Oysters

Several varieties of east coast oysters are available, including Chesapeake Bay, Malpeque and James River. Blue Points are back, we have a good supply of them this week.


Redfish is a great farmed product for your menu.

Beautiful fish direct from Alaska are still in stock, prices are increasing as the supply is still tight but the larger fish are still available (40-60). The Alaskan Halibut season ends November 15.


Cod, Sole, and Haddock 
We bring these delicate fish direct to our customers from Boston and only order what you need in order to provide you with a beautiful, fresh product every time. Get your pre-orders in early.

Chilean salmon prices are begin to fall. We are also getting in large whole salmon from the North Sea (country of origin can be Scotland, Faroe Islands, or Norway).


Gulf Oysters

The Red Tide in Texas has continued to cause major problems in the supply.  Waters have tested clear and we are expecting to start to see Gulf Oysters become available again in early October.   Check out our great selection of East Coast oysters.


American Red Snapper

American red snapper supply remains to be low, but we do have them.  We also have beautiful lanes and yellowtail snapper as a great alternative.



We expect to see the Scallop prices beginning to increasing this week as there was no increase as we expected late last week. Our sources seem to still have a great selection of product available.



Tuna prices continue to rise, as the market is very tight on the Yellow Fin. Big Eye tuna continues to be still available.


Mahi Mahi

Mahi appears to be showing up more in the market and the prices are starting to fall.



Grouper prices are down a little; let’s hope this trend continues.  Ask your sales rep about the pre-cut Mexican fillets; these are great for your more price sensitive dishes.


Our farmed striped bass is from right here in Texas, this allows us to give our customers the longest possible shelf life possible.  Prices have soften a little and we feel that they should remain stable through the end of the year.

Black Drum

Many of you may be considering black drum as an alternative to redfish.  The product is available, but can be limited in the summer, so make sure we know your needs.


The domestic crabmeat has started to pick up with the cooler weather.  Venezuela crab comes off conservation October 1st. So we expect to see a good supply in the near future.


Domestic Catfish

Our catfish is farmed right here in Texas.  Prices continue to stay consistent with last week. It appears that all sizes should be available this week.


Escolar, Opah, and Barracuda
Escolar landed this week from Hawaii! If there is something that you looking for from that regions let us know.



We have a variety of seabass options.  We continue to carry H&G (20-30 kg) As always we are happy to cut fillets from that size.  Get with your sales rep for details.


Live Lobsters

We offer a full range of sizes of live lobsters straight from Maine and Canada.  Order today, and we will get them to you tomorrow.


Rainbow ‘Green’, Golden, and Ruby trout

Trout supply seems to remain tight. The low water supply this summer has created a shortage on the larger red meat fish from Idaho.  The water supply is back up now, and the product will be more plentiful toward the beginning of October.