Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse

September 13, 2011

Most successful businesses, in my opinion, are created and sustained as a result of successful partnerships. As the Chef Partner of Flemings Prime Steakhouse in Austin TX, I fully understand and appreciate the contribution to the success of my business made by my partners. Frugé Seafood has been a reliable, trustworthy business partner for almost 6 years. I have received fresh, quality seafood and service since I began my partnership with Frugé in San Antonio in 2006. I have had the same driver, Pablo, since day one and would remain loyal to Frugé simply because of his unwavering positive attitude and personality, let alone the quality of their product. The freshness of seafood and specialty products provided by Frugé is unmatched here in Austin. I am able to rely on Frugé to help me on a daily basis to uphold the highest standards in quality and freshness of my seafood. Thanks for helping make my business a success.





Boyer Derise

Chef Partner

Flemings Prime Steakhouse

11600 Century Oaks Terrace # 140

Austin Tx, 78758

Phone 512-835-9463

Fax     512-833-9381