Beef, NY Strip

At Fruge’s, we have always provided a unique variety of seafood protein options and now we have expanded into the beef proteins delivering exceptional taste and tenderness.

Our New York Strip is a premier steak cut from the beef short loin. The rich marbling inherent in this steak creates the robust flavor and a delicious eating experience. A good New York strip should have plenty of marbling. The marbling melts into the meat to infuse it with the boldest flavors among any popular steak.

  • One 8 oz. portion

  • Calories 1448

  • Total Fat 37g

  • Saturated Fat 15g

  • Cholesterol 138mg

  • Sodium 126mg

  • Carbohydrates 0

  • Protein 49g


Our prime, choice and upper one third NY Strips are sourced through National Beef. We also source a local Texas raised Wagyu. All delivering exceptional taste and tenderness.

Flavor & Texture

It has intense flavor, with bold, beefy notes.


It has a great bite and solid chew.


A favorite of grillers, perfect for a great sear without overcooking. Also popular to pan-roast or reverse-sear.