Fin Fish

Cod, Atlantic

scientific name:

Gadus morhua

Atlantic cod is a ground fish with a heavy body, three dorsal fins and a broad, square tail. This species has a “whisker,” or barbel under its lower jaw. Cod meat is snow white.

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  • 3.5 oz (100g) raw edible portion.

  • Calories 82

  • Calories from Fat 6

  • Total Fat 0.7g

  • Saturated Fat 0.1g

  • Cholesterol 43mg

  • Sodium 54mg

  • Carbohydrates 0g

  • Protein 17.8g

  • Potassium 413mg

Interesting Fact

Cod has been a symbol of the wealth of the sea for centuries and representations of cod have appeared on stamps, coins, corporate seals, and letterheads since colonial times.


Atlantic cod can be substituted with Pacific cod, haddock, pollock, and orange roughy.

Other Information

Atlantic cod is the most abundant ground fish in the North Atlantic and is the best-known fish in the western world. Frozen cod may be either land-frozen or sea-frozen. Sea-frozen is the “freshest” frozen fish available as it is processed within 3 hours of being caught, while land frozen fish is processed after a few days of being out at sea. 


Atlantic cod are most abundant in the North Atlantic.

Harvest Method

This species is harvested most commonly by trawling. A good percentage of cod is also longlined. This method produces higher quality, and therefore higher priced fish. Atlantic Cod is also trapped in Newfoundland. 

Harvest Season

Atlantic cod is available year-round with peak season being March through November in the Mid-Atlantic; April through December in New England; summer in Canada; and fall and winter off Iceland and Norway. 


The flavor of this type of cod is lean, tender, and mild tasting. This fish flakes easily when cooked and is sweeter tasting than Pacific cod. 


The texture of Atlantic cod is firm with a flaky texture. 

Quality Control

Cod meat is moist, so drip loss and shrinkage during processing and storage should be avoided. The best quality cod fillets should be translucent, white to pinkish-white, without bruises, moist and firm. 


Atlantic cod are best when broiled, steamed, baked, pan-sautéed, breaded and fried, or poached. 

Market Segments 

Atlantic cod is appropriate for casual dining, fine dining, hotels, and country clubs.