Fin Fish


Redfish or commonly known as the Red Drum or spottail sea bass is a game fish native to the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico and is found in coastal waters from Massachusetts to Tuxpan, Mexico. Redfish travel in schools and are aggressive eaters, feeding on shrimp and small fish such as menhaden and mullet, at times in waters so shallow that their backs are exposed. A beautiful torpedo-shaped fish, redfish is more copper than red with copper tipped fins and large copper scales along the back. It’s most distinctive feature is one or more large black spots on the tail.

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  • One fillet (198g) raw edible portion

  • Calories 236

  • Calories from Fat 88

  • Total Fat 10

  • Saturated Fat 2g

  • Cholesterol 127mg

  • Sodium 148mg

  • Carbohydrates 0g

  • Protein 35g

Interesting Fact

The common name “drum fish” comes from their ability to make a drumming sound during courtship or when pulled from the water. They do this by rubbing special muscles against an air bladder thus producing the drum-like sound. Also, scientists believe that the black spot on their tails may trick predators into targeting the tail rather than the head, allowing the fish a chance to


Red Snapper.


Wild redfish are available along the coasts of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Coast of the United States and Brazil. At Fruge’s, we buy ours from a farm in Texas which guarantees that our fish have not been given any hormones, anitbiotics and contain no mercury. Water quality is monitored around the clock to maintain the healthy growing environment that produces a premium fish.

Harvest Method

Our redfish are scooped from the water using a large basket and are lowered into insulated totes filled with an ice slurry. This icy plunge quickly brings down core temperatures and is the first link in a tightly controlled cold chain that preserves freshness and maximizes the shelf life.


The light, white meat of redfish tastes mild, not bland.


Beautiful, red bloodline, nice firm flesh, and large, moist flakes. A robust texture that adapts well to many cooking methods.


Redfish is great cooked any way.

Quality Control

Very fresh redfish have an emerald green tint to the raw flesh, while larger fish have a red tint.

Market Segments

This fish is appropriate for casual dining, fine dining, hotels, and resort/clubs.