Chef Silvano Valdovinos

November 5, 2018

Chef Silvano Valdovinos
Chef Silvano Valdovinos got his start in Scottsdale Arizona as a dishwasher at 16.  Silvano was promoted in six short months into a position that was totally foreign to him prep cook. This position not only sparked his interest in food it began a long growing passion for the restaurant business as a whole.

After mastering his position as prep cook he was ready to take on what he calls the “dragon”, the grill.  He realized the most respected and highest paid linemen were those that earned their strips and or scars in front of a fire.  This was his next challenge.
Working under much corporate instruction Chef Valdovinos found himself in a position to further his culinary drive in Texas.  He took a position as head grillman and trainer when he was presented the opportunity to learn and train under the very accomplished Fort Worth based Chef Felipe Armenta.
Since then chef Valdovinos has taken pride in being the driving force in the small, quaint yet well oiled machine that is know as the kitchen of Pacific Table.