Chef Motto’s New Orleans BBQ Shrimp & Grits

November 23, 2015

New Orleans BBQ Shrimp & GritsRecipe supplied by Chef Chris Motto


Qt yellow stone ground grits

½ # butter

½ gal water

½ gal milk

1 pint heavy cream

Bring all liquids and butter to boil, add grits. simmer on low heat until thick and creamy. salt and pepper to taste.


New Orleans BBQ butter:

¼ cup garlic

2 12oz beers

10 oz worchestire sauce

1# unsalted butter

2oz lemon juice

tablespoon chopped rosemary

Sweat garlic, add beer and worchestire and reduce to au sec. slowly mount butter by whisking a couple tablespoons at a time until incorporated. add lemon juice and rosemary.


Saute shrimp, serve over grits, top with BBQ butter, and garnish with crab.