Frugé Aquafarms- Cutting Rice

August 26, 2011

Rice and crawfish go hand in hand. Crawfish eat the stalks from the harvested rice. At Frugé Aquafarms, we harvest two crops of rice a year.


2 thoughts on “Frugé Aquafarms- Cutting Rice

  1. Hello, caught the Louisiana episode of INSP Channel State Plate the other night. My Filipino wife was amazed by the rice production portion of the program (as well as the crawfish, too), since she’s quite experienced with rice planting and harvesting by hand back in her home country. We’re considering a visit to the area sometime this year, possibly in late March. She might not see harvest yet that time of year, but planting would be of interest, and crawfish is still in season. Any possibilities of a visit to the farm? Thanks for your consideration!

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