Barley Swine Red Snapper

April 4, 2016

Barley Swine Red SnapperCourtesy of Charles Zhuo


Please note that most pantry Items such as misos and vinegars are all house made at Barley Swine, therefore recipe might not be completely replicable.



2 oz. Gulf Red Snapper Filet, Brined (7% Salt, 5% Sugar for 4 hrs), Poached in Olive Oil at 65 degrees Celsius for 8.5 mins.

1.5 oz. Koji Butter (Recipe Follows)

10g Brussels Sprouts, Roasted in Butter

8g Radish Condiment (Recipe Follows)

3g Toasted Marcona Almonds

1g Micro Radish Sprouts, Dressed in Lemon Juice

Poach Fish, while fish is cooking, roast brussels sprouts. Spoon onto plate, plate brussels sprouts, Radish Condiment, and almonds, rest cooked fish, place fish on top of veg, pour Koji Butter around around the fish and garnish with radish sprouts.

Koji Butter


100g Butter

100g Koji

400g Fish Stock, Infused with Tarragon

70g Lemon Juice

150g Butter, Cubed

70g Miso (We use House made Miso but store bought is also fine, adjust amount according to salt content of miso)

1.2g Xanthan Gum

To make Koji, rinse rice and oak in water for 8 hrs. Drain well and steam for 1 hr. Cool steamed rice to below 30 degrees celsius, inoculate with aspergillus oryzae spores. incubate at 30-35 Degree Celsius for 72 hrs. They should be fragrant and crumbles to the touch.

Toast Koji in butter until foamy. Add tarragon infused fish stock. Bring to simmer and kill heat. Blend into Koji Stock lemon juice, cubed butter and miso on high until smooth and emulsified. Add Xanthan Gum to stabilize. Strain through chinoise.

Radish Condiment

80g Watermelon Radish, Julienned

10g Salt

10g Olive Oil

5g Lemon Oil (We use House made infused Oil but store bought is also fine)

10g Green Onion, Sliced thin

1/2 clove Garlic, Microplaned

Add salt to julienned radish, and let sit for 20 minutes, Strain out water that has leeched out. Combine radish with the rest of ingredients. Reserve.

Chef Bryce Gilmore