Pan Seared Redfish with Plantain Custard

March 29, 2012

pan seared redfish with plantain custard



Plantain custard
sweet garlic
fresh thyme
9 eggs
1 qt. of cream

Custard: Mix sweet garlic, shallot, and fresh thyme in a bowl. In a separate bowl mix 9 eggs and 1 qt. of cream. Combine the rest of the ingredients together. using sliced ripe plantain. On a small pan add the custard mixture and bake for 30 minutes at 275 degree.


Poblano relish
1 tomato
1 poblano.
1 tsp. Fresh Cilantro
1 oz. Honey
Salt (to taste)

Poblano relish: Roast one tomato and one poblano. Seed them and fine julienne. In a bowl add 1oz. of honey and chopped cilantro. Season with salt.


Pepper couli
2 peppers (1 red/1 yellow)
1 tsp of honey
Salt and pepper to taste

Pepper couli:  Roast 2 peppers. First clean seed it and remove the skin. Puré in a blender. Add 1 tsp of honey. Salt and pepper to taste.


2-3 oz. portion of Redfish (3 oz. per person)
1 Roasted Seeded Tomatoes
1 Roasted Poblano Pepper
1 tsp. Fresh Cilantro
1 oz. Honey
Salt (to taste)
Black Pepper (to taste)
1 tsp. Roasted Red Pepper Couli
1 tsp. Roasted Yellow Pepper Couli

Cut the custard into 1” high and 3” long pieces. Place it on the plate, pan sear the redfish and place  on top of the plantain custard.  Garnish with poblano relish. Also use fried plantain for garnish.


Recipe courtesy of Chef Gabino