Pork Jambalaya

November 28, 2012

by Nate Peck

5 pound pork butt roast cubed
1 Large Yellow onion
1 Celery Stalks
1 Bell Pepper
5 Garlic cloves
1/3 oz Cayenne Pepper
1/3 oz black pepper
1/3 oz salt
2 cups uncooked rice
Half batch of green onions diced
Dice vegetables and reserve

1. In hot pot start to braise pork cubes

2.When they start to brown put diced vegetables in with brazing pork. The pork fat on roast
usually provides enough oil for brazing.If not add a little.

3. Thoroughly wash all startch off rice, agitating by hand in collander until no more white water washes off.

4. Continue brazing pork and when necessary deglaze pot with chicken stock. Work until you have a good gravy going then
eye ball the pot and determine how much water you need to add in to cook your washed rice.

5. Pour raw rice in gravy, then add water to cook rice. Mix up throughly before adding water.

6. When done fold in chopped green onions to taste.

7. Check the dish, it probabally needs salt which can be added at any time as it is a mineral and does not need
to cook; at least that is what I believe, Nate!